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Tracking Engagement by Organizations

We here at SparkInfluence work hard to give you a better understanding of your advocates. From states to districts, tags to committees, caucuses, legislators and more, our team prides itself on making your data easy to find, easy to report on and easy to work with.

It’s with that in mind that we recently overhauled Organizations. Before organizations were a simple way to track affiliations. For example, Sarah Smith works for ACME Manufacturing.

The new Organizations functionality turns that on its head.

With this latest update it’s not only easy to track affiliations, but also what specific activities stakeholders at each organization have taken. Even better, you can also track grasstop relationships, PAC contributions as well the specific engagement on each and every one of your outbound email messages.

How Do Organizations Work?

Specifically, here’s what you’re now able to do with Organizations:

  • On the front end, stakeholders will now be able to find and choose an existing organization or create a new one. (We’ve seen the number of duplicate organizations go down by 99% with this new handy lookup)
  • On the back end, admins will be able to group stakeholders together by their affiliation. Think about grouping stakeholders by where they work, divisions within a specific company, or any other type of grouping.
  • Like tags, admins have complete control over how advocates are grouped. Once created, admins can immediately see how stakeholders at that organization are engaging with your effort.

Let’s Talk Through an Example

Say you’re a grassroots or public affairs professional at a health care association. Hopefully you’ve created tags for Board of Directors, Fly-in Participants, and tagged by issue interest. With this new functionality, you can now also aggregate advocates by the health center where they work, their practice or hospital. In doing so, you now have the tagging’s cross-cutting stats as well as vertical insights into what each affiliated group is doing.

Look for the new Organizations Dashboard under Stakeholders and start grouping your advocates in new and better ways today.

To learn more and get started, see our Knowledge Base article on Grouping and Tracking Engagement by Organization.

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