Advocacy in an Election Year: Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

Continually updated from a post from Election 2014.

Election 2020 is in full-swing. Yes, as of writing, we’re all still living under quarantine. Yes, the election is still months off and it’s still unclear how campaigning, no less voting, will take shape.

That said, the question your organization should be asking itself isn’t “should we engage?” but “how do we engage effectively to motivate our stakeholders to participate?”

What if you could provide a hub for your community to make it easy for them find out the information they need to make their voices heard on election day? A branded site that had details like how to register to vote or how to vote by mail, who’s running for office in each district and key dates for primaries and the general election.

It’s easy to get started with SparkGOTV.

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Automation for Advocacy Efforts

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your welcome emails go out while you drink your morning coffee? What about call-to-action reminders while you’re at lunch? Or even better, a series of messages that follow-up with your advocates on a set schedule while you’re strategizing on your next move?

We all have those days where we have to keep moving the ball forward with our advocacy & community building goals but meetings, calls and everything else gets in the way. Luckily, there’s a simple way in SparkInfluence to keep those messages flowing while you’re spending time elsewhere. It’s a solution that we’ve seen improve retention and participation time and again, and once you’ve set it up, it runs on it’s own.

That solution, Automation for Advocacy.

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Tracking Engagement by Organizations

We here at SparkInfluence work hard to give you a better understanding of your advocates. From states to districts, tags to committees, caucuses, legislators and more, our team prides itself on making your data easy to find, easy to report on and easy to work with.

It’s with that in mind that we recently overhauled Organizations. Before organizations were a simple way to track affiliations. For example, Sarah Smith works for ACME Manufacturing.

The new Organizations functionality turns that on its head.

With this latest update it’s not only easy to track affiliations, but also what specific activities stakeholders at each organization have taken. Even better, you can also track grasstop relationships, PAC contributions as well the specific engagement on each and every one of your outbound email messages.

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Personalizing Communications

Time after time, studies have shown that personalized messaging outperforms generic emails. Now, that doesn’t mean hitting someone over the head with the fact that you know their name – don’t personalize the subject line of every message you send – but it does mean sprinkling personalizations when the time is right can be the difference between an email that just sits there and one that gets opened.

It’s with that in mind – and that personalizing your communications may help you avoid spam filters – that SparkInfluence provides a few places where you can let the end user know that they’re more to you than just an email address.

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Getting to the Bottom of Grasstops

You’ll hear us say often that advocacy is more than just letters, phone calls, and tweets — it’s about the people and community behind that messaging.

Similarly, effective advocacy is more than just grassroots messaging; instead, it’s a combination of factors that help move legislation one way or another. The most successful advocacy efforts are more like alchemy, finding the right balance of grassroots, grasstops and key contact relationships, and lobbying.

In this case, we’re here to get to the bottom of grasstops.

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