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Shining a Spotlight on Mental Health

2020 was for many a difficult year. COVID-19 put a spotlight not only on physical well-being but on mental health as well. This week, we’re joined by Hannah Wesolowski, Director, Field Advocacy at the National Alliance on Mental Illness. An industry veteran, Hannah guides us through her team’s work over the past 12 months and how their “No Wrong Door” mantra fits into their all-encompassing advocacy strategy. More to the point, Hannah’s team regularly steps back from the limelight, preparing and providing content for their state affiliates, the public as well as elected officials to drive education and engagement on behalf of mental health. From pre-written social media posts to easily shared imagery to activating on GOTV and state-by-state bills, NAMI leaves no stone unturned as they push for greater understanding, destigmatization and more.

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